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Deadline     19th March, 2021     Closed



Thika Technical Training Institute (T.T.T.I) invites proposals for Physical Planning Consultancy Services, to develop a “MASTER PLAN” for the existing Institution.  This Institution is in the process of conducting a comprehensive Spatial Audit of its facilities/infrastructural elements so as to help in achieving efficiency in the delivery of training standards and align them to the Government’s policy of creating more sustainable space and quality training at TVET Institutions in Kenya. In general, the proposed Master Plan will enhance Planning for the future expansion and / rehabilitation of facilities while at the same time achieve a balance in sustainability.  


The Physical Planning Consultant is expected to provide consultancy services in developing a Master Plan showing the current status of the facilities/infrastructure as it is since the Institution is existing, as well as to give/show recommendations of the same in the future. It should also infuse into the plan and the expected infrastructural development work.


The Institute, therefore, invites Request for Proposal from reputable Physical Planning firms to develop a master plan involving assessment of existing facilities, planning for development of new infrastructure and identifying and illustrating key improvements requiring capital investment. The Master Plan should be aligned to the Institute’s functions.


The costs of preparing the proposal and negotiating the contract including any visit to TTTI are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment. 




  1. To plan adequate structures which will help the Institute to evaluate and monitor the efficiency of its programs.
  2. To help in achieving a resilient Training Institute by identifying risks and opportunities that may affect the implementation of the proposed development and how to mitigate such risks.
  3. To formulate a spatial planning framework which integrates infrastructural development.
  4. To plan structures that will assist the Institute in ensuring their output is as relevant as possible to internationally recognized standards and qualifications.
  5. To coordinate development of structures for efficient service delivery and quality training.





Thika Technical Training Institute (T.T.T.I) is a Government Technical Training Institute established under the Ministry of Education, State Department for Vocational and Technical Training via Certificate Number MOE/GC/1459/011A. The Institute is on approximately 50 acres (20.23 Ha) of land. The history dates back to 1949 when it was started as a Vocational Training Center for former World War II Servicemen which was then elevated to technical high school for primary graduates admitted for secondary education with a technical bias.   The Institute is located in Thika Town along General Kago Road next to Thika Level 5 District Hospital. The current student enrollment is at 6,500 students whereby it is expected to receive more students over the coming years.


Request For Proposals are invited for technical and financial proposals for consulting services required for the assignment. 


NOTE:   TTTI’s employees, Committee members, Board members, and their relatives (spouse and children) are not eligible to participate in the RFP.




The scope of work shall cover the following:

  1. Current Scenario: Assess the Institute’s current infrastructure and prepare graphic representations including base maps showing all the existing elements in their actual location and into scale. 
  2. Future Spatial Advisory Plan: This will cover the proposed facilities/infrastructure which should be in line with the Institute’s plan. 
  3. Approval: This will include the approval of the proposed master plan by the relevant Agencies.



The Consultancy Service is expected to run from the date of inception up to the date of completion as will be agreed by both parties. This may be broken down into critical phases as follows:

  1. Preliminary Level:
  • This will include consultancy services at the initial stage before any work is undertaken and general details of how to undertake the intended work. 
  • Inception report detailing understanding of the scope of work and the work plan for executing the assignment.
  • Consultation sessions with different stakeholders.


  1. Master Plan Development Phase:
  • Preparation of the base map showing the existing institution, future spatial advisory plans as per the expected demands from various elements such as transportation and playground demands, parking requirements and any other supportive reports. 
  • Illustration of key improvement which may require short term investment.
  • Identify and indicate locations that should remain free of development or landscape preservation.


  1.  Approval Stage:
  • This stage will require the consultant to seek the relevant approval and permits from the National and Local government department of Lands, Housing, Urbanization and Physical Planning. 
  • Acquire Land rates clearance certificate.
  • Acquire Land search certificate from Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning as well as the survey map of this area from The Survey of Kenya. 
  • Prepare any other related document. 


The Physical Planning Company should strictly meet the following criteria;

  1. Must be a registered company; 

-Attach company incorporation certificate.

- Should be a Physical Planning practicing company. 

  1. Current Tax Compliance Certificate.
  2. At least one of the Company Directors must be a registered Physical Planner with relevant qualifications and experiences;

-Attach registration certificate and a current practicing license.

  1. Principal Planner must be a corporate member of the Kenya Institute of Planners;

-Attach registration certificate and current certificate of good standing.

  1. Show proof of similar jobs undertaken.
  2. Attach a breakdown of the charges and the total cost.


Yours sincerely,


Hannah Mburu,