Life At TTTI

Student Welfare


This is an organization that governs the students affairs and comprises two organs:


1. The Student Council and 

2. The Electoral Commission 



This is the main organ of the SOTTI comprising the *Three Executive officials (The President, The Vice President and The Secretary General) and six Cabinet Ministries and their assistants (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Boarding and Environment, Ministry of Clubs and Societies, Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Entertainment) 



The Students Council as the main organ of SOTTTI is elected by the students every academic year to govern and oversee the students affairs. It's responsible for carrying out students activities under the office of The Dean of Students. It bridges the students and the administration on matters students. 

The duties range from looking into matters academic and ensuring a conducive learning environment, sports activities, religious activities, entertainment and recreational activities and students income generating projects financed by the Student Kitty funds among others general issues concerning students.



This is another body under the SOTTTI leadership that comprises The Chairman, Chair Lady, Secretary General and it's Assist, The Organizing Secretary and it's Assistant, The Disciplinarian and The Election Coordinator. This body is elected by the class representatives and is responsible for conducting free and fair Students Council elections and nominations. 

The body is also responsible for the class representatives’ affairs as well as the student’s affairs concerning academics and classwork.