Health and Applied Sciences Department


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The institute has adequate facilities and resources that enable our students to get hands-on experience at any time. These include four labs: Pharmaceutical lab, chemistry lab, Biology lab and Pharmacology lab which are fully furnished with a wide range of apparatus and equipment for practicals.

Our students have excelled in both class work and practicals making them exceptionally ...   Read more

Health and Applied Sciences Department

Welcome to the Department of Health and Applied Sciences. Our department endeavors to prepare the students to the growing need of a healthy society by equipping them with the needed skills and expertise.

MR Francis G. Mugweru - HOD

assist them have experience and expose them to real life in the job market. The students are then assessed by the staff and this contributes to the overall development of the student in the field

You will get the courses that we offer as you browse through this website and if you are looking for a technical institute that can equip you with skills in health and applied sciences, Thika TTI is one of a kind.

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