The office came to be in 2011. It is in the backdrop to try to try to establish an arm to look into academic matters in the curriculum. The office operates under the office of the deputy principal academics.

Message from Mr Kinuthia Jimm- QUASO

The main role of the office is to oversee quality standards throughout all the departments. It involves supervising and monitoring curriculum programs in the institute.

The office also is mandated in implementing the curriculum procedure. All the Head of Departments report to this office on curriculum implementation. We ensure implementation procedures are followed strictly in terms of student and teacher attendance, schemes of work and records of work are provided on time and followed strictly. Students also communicate directly to this office.

Since the establishment of this office there have been notable developments and achievements which includes; major improvement in teaching, assessment and evaluation levels. This is because the teaching and none teaching staff have an obligation to ensure all the right procedures are followed. The students also have their duty to ensure attendance and adherence to academic procedures are followed ton the latter.

The office has also made it easier to get the time that has really been spent on teaching and hence improving the teaching levels. Remedial measures are also done with regard to the above by ensuring that missed lessons are made up. The office also have instilled observance of timeliness set by the systems such that lecturers abide to the timelines.

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