ICT Support


Quality Objecives

 Mr. Joel Wamwaya 

1. To provdie quality and cost-effctive ICT services to the Institute by ensuring that 80% of all complints regarding ICT problems are given technical support  service within Five (5) working days after a report is received.

2. To manage, control and maintain ICT infrastructure in the Institute in order to ensure that 80% of the Thika Technical Training Institute digital network service (LAN/WAN) operates 24/7 in all departments of the Institute.

3. To manage ICT resources efficiently and effectively by carrying out scheduled maintenance Three (3) times per academic year in the months of April, August and December to enhance institute's operations.


Information Security and Virus management

With the plethora of virus' released on a daily bais, countless organisations suffer from unremitting virus outbreaks or work attacks, mnay of which can bring an organisations infrastructure down in seconds.  With the consequence of poor virus management being so great, Thika TTI believe that investment in virus protection is crucial.

Thika TTI, therefore, specialise in both virus protection and removal and ensure that all our managed desktops are wequipped with ththe latest windoews/virus definition updates to minimize the impact of any future attack.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

in order to minimize downtime in the evnt of a PC's hardware failing, we at Thika TTI have acquired a very-high level maintenance service with our hardware seller to make usre that a PC is backup and running in the least time possible.  If a hard drive needs replacing, then we will have ghost images to get the PC rebuilt and back on the desk in no time.

PC Refreshing

One of the principal causes of hardwares and software failure is the age of a PC. Aging hardware can also affect performance and in certain circumstances prove to be a security risk if not upgraded.  We advise that all hardware should be refreshed every 3-4 years and are constantly participating in roll outs to keep ahead of these issues.

Security Control/Management

In today's world, secury has got to be at the top of an organisation's IT strategy.  Therefore, we are constantly looking at ways of securing our environment and some of these include: password policies, user account managment, regular audits of file permissions and documentation amongst other.  Another security hole on the desktop side is user rights to a PC-administrative rights to desktops in the wrong hands which can cause major disruption to organisations.

ICT Support

Desktop Support currently suports a whole host of applications from Standard MS Office application.s  Every new piece of software that is introduced into Thika TTI is fully tested to check for conflicts with OS's or other applications.  If an application is not on our list of supported applications we will support this to the best of our knowledge.

Software Acquisition Distribution/Upgrades/Installation and disposal

When an application needs to be deployed to a large organisation it can prove to be very time consuming. We at Thika TTI aims to do this from a central location and push applications out to an organisation.  We use monitoring tools to ensure that all desktop machines are up-to-date with the latest virus definition files and the latest windows updates to ensure no holes in the security of the machines.  All new software, as mentioned before, is tested before being allowed to be installed in Thika TTI.

MIS Management

Network administration

Website management

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