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  • We are committed to providing an innovative curriculum that facilitates experiential learning opportunities and collaborative career advancement
  • At Thika Technical Training Institute we value every individual in our care and it is our aim to provide the best possible technical training in all the courses
  • With a well equipped lab and with modern equipment s we are able to equip our students.
  • We develop students in 360 degrees to make sure that we provide the best in the industry

Thika TTI is the place for your all round development

Committed to excellence

Thika Technical and Training Institute is the place for you.  We are there to ensure your development is complete and we are committed to make you have a cutting edge in the job market. We have most modern labs and workshops which are all fully equipped with world class equipment and machinery for the students to have first-hand experience. We have internet connection in the labs and in many Wi-Fi hotspots which allow our students to research, learn more and even network with other learners throughout the world seamlessly.

Strategically located

We are located in Thika town next to Thika Level 5 hospital. Our location is a conducive environment for learning and makes it easy for our students to access other facilities not found within the institute easily. The area within and outside the institute is secure and well lit. You are always safe in Thika TTI. It I always easy to commute to hostels outside the institute

Affordable lifestyle

 Life in Thika TTI is easy and affordable, we have  hostels within the institution which are most affordable,  clean and hygienic. The hostels are offered at first  come first served basis. Our catering services is top  notch.  The food served is quality food at most  affordable price. The catering services are at Pay As You Eat (PAYE)  basis.

Entertainment and recreation

 We have more than academics. The institute offers development in all fields. We have sports, games, talent  shows, clubs and societies in the institute to ensure you develop in all ways as well as identify and grow  your talents and skills. We have excelled in national and regional competitions and we take pride in our  teams and individual athletes. We also have classy entertainment and recreational facilities. We have music  systems and Dstv connected screens for entertainment.

Connect with us

Thika Town

P.O. BOX 91, Thika 01000 Kenya
Tel:  020-2044965

Mobile: 0743514539

Email: thikatechnical@gmail.com

Email: thikatech@yahoo.com

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