I.C.T Department


I welcome you to the Department of Information Communication Technology (ICT), at the Thika TTI. Our department has a rich history dating back to 2006. It began as section in the department of Mathematics and computer. Over the years, the department has expanded and continues to reflect and engage the evolving ICT landscape.

Given the ever-changing digital environment in which new platforms of communication continue to emerge, we are committed to providing an innovative curriculum that facilitates experiential learning opportunities and collaborative pedagogical approaches that encourage students to develop critical research, thinking and methodological skills as well as creative capacities and training in ICT. Currently, ICT is only one of a few programs in THIKA TTI that combines a theory/practical-based curriculum. This combination of theory and practice provides our students with a very unique experience.

Our programs, at both the Diploma and certificate level, embrace one of the institute pinnacles-social justice. As such, the goals of ICT include: (i) Developing ICT literacy and fostering active, democratic citizenship in an increasingly mediated world, (ii) Providing opportunities for creative empowerment through competencies in ICT. Students who graduate from our programs end up with both the theoretical and practical skills that are in demand; the internships we offer help students generate a portfolio to showcase their work to potential employers.

As you browse through our website, we hope you will sense the excitement and enthusiasm amongst departments, students and staff that our programs generate. And, we encourage you to contact us with any questions, requests for more information and/or personalized tours of our facilities.

Best Wishes,

Njiru J.N. Department of information communication technology

Vision, Mision & Values

Vision: To contribute to a more effective and efficient execution of departmental work through the provision of a high quality and cost-effective IT infrastructure, services, training and user support to the institute staff including departments and their staff, as well as to the administrative organization of the institute.

Mission:The mission of the Department of Information Communication Technology is to prepare students to become successful professionals in a dynamic global environment. By fostering a desire for lifelong learning through a broad-based interdisciplinary core education in ICT programs provide opportunities for Diploma and Certificate courses based on research that reflects the expanding world around us, and gives students the tools to advance the state-of-the-art in their chosen specialization area.


  • To produce graduates who will establish themselves as practicing professionals or who will engage in advanced studies in ICT or a related field.
  • To produce graduates who will display awareness of the importance of and opportunities for life-long learning.
  • To produce graduates who will excel in the global market place.
  • To produce graduates who will demonstrate the ability to work successfully as members of professional teams and function effectively as responsible professionals.